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What is My Care in Birmingham?

My Care in Birmingham is a website designed to support you or someone you care for to make well informed choices about adult social care needs and to remain as independent as possible.

My Care in Birmingham includes information on services relevant to supporting adults to live in the community.

My Care in Birmingham aims to:

  • enable maximum choice and control for adults to meet their care and support needs and to enhance their lifestyles,
  • use plain English language and not jargon.

It consists of four areas which you can access from the home page,

  • General Information - find information and advice on a wide range of social care topics
  • Find out your social care needs - define your social care needs and what you would like to achieve in your life, find out how much help or equipment may cost and where to get it
  • Find out what services are available - an online marketplace for adults to find and buy the support required from a variety of service providers
  • GP Referral - a form for GPs to use to refer patients who have social care needs to the Adults and Communities Access Point (ACAP).

The bottom of the homepage also has these three options that you can click:

  • Click here in an emergency - Find information on who to contact if you have an emergency outside normal Adults and Communities office hours
  • Providers please click here to advertise your services for free - A link to the My Care in Birmingham marketplace for organisations that provide social care services in Birmingham
  • Site guide - this page

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